Forbes Magazine tells us to stop training our leaders. Leaders do not learn best by training courses. They need to be developed.

Our Leadership Development Program takes leaders at every level of the organization and determines their baseline. Through a battery of assessments, we are able to custom-design a program that targets the current level of development and provides introspection and learning activities that take the leader to the next level. Our assessment process allows us to measure leader development over the course of the program.

3 - 12 Month Leadership Development Programs

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Our program may include a number of components and will be custom tailored to your organization's needs. Components may include the following:

  • 360° assessment and learning plans
  • Classroom training with customized online support
  • Web-based training
  • Action Learning and Cohort Teams
  • Coaching/Mentoring Programs; personal board of directors
  • Post 360° assessment to attain measurement
  • Personal Leadership model
  • Capstone event, graduation an transition

Leadership courses

  • Becoming the Leader that Others Will Follow
  • Leading Without Authority (Across Organizational Boundaries)
  • Innovation and Change (Formulating and then Selling your Ideas)
  • Self Assessment and Lifelong Learning
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Strategic World
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Modeling
  • Managing Priorities and Long Term Projects
  • Strategic Leadership

Strategic Planning and Team Building

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Do your meetings seem to get easily derailed? Do they go off on tangents, get bogged down in minutia, spend too much time on one topic at the expense of another, get embroiled in personality conflicts, or simply run into overtime? Whatever the meeting agenda, our professional facilitator can help you get the most out of your meeting. Our facilitators will help you stay on topic, make sure that all parties are heard, coach understanding among participants, moderate disagreements, help you keep time, and record action items and open issues.

Do you have a retreat or occasion that requires a facilitator to assist the leader and ensure the event is successful? Our facilitators can record discussions and decisions, and track progress. They can also work with the retreat leader to develop ice breaker exercises, break-out group work, simulations, games, and other activities that support your retreat goals.

We have facilitators with experience in a variety of industries so we can provide a seasoned facilitator who quickly understands your business and can partner with you to ensure your retreat, meeting, or other event goals are attained.

inSITE's strategic planning sessions and team building sessions can move a team or organization forward toward its goals.

360° Assessment and Solutions

inSITE will develop questions that reflect the areas of development for your executives, managers or employees through use of standard competencies as well as areas identified specific to your organization. We understand that standard questions may not provide the measurements you seeking to improve. We will custom develop questions based on the competencies you want to evaluate, your culture, industry and business strategies. inSITE will handle all aspects of administration of the 360° assessments including communication to the learner and their raters, sending out reminders, and fielding questions.

Once inSITE consultants have worked with your organization to determine the competencies, and have developed specific and measurable behaviors, those behaviors will be formulated into 360° questions. In this way, we know that the 360° assessment is directly linked to the organizational goals and the behaviors that learners need to demonstrate to meet the strategic plan and to be successful leaders in your organization.

inSITE provides a coaching debrief with learners when providing their reports to them. Many learners only look at the negative responses and without proper guidance can become consumed by low scores or a particular comment. Our coaches help ready the learners for their report and work with them initially to accept and benefit from it. We also introduce our Leadership Development Plan (LDP). This document is provided to learners as the catalyst to begin their development. They will be led to select two to three competencies for development. We encourage learners to consider their strengths, their potential derailers and balance individual competencies with the needs of the organization.

When the 360° Assessment is accompanied by coaching or a leadership developmental program, we also recommend a post-360° to evaluate the growth and learning in a measurable way.